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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 26, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> pivoted from one of the most contentious partisan periods in the nation's history to passing this rescue package 100-0. rob: unanimous vote, the late-night vote sending the $2 trillion relief package to the house. jillian: we are live with next steps as the president promises to sign it immediately. rob: the deadliest day in the us, 62,000.
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>> despite an invisible enemy, how former medics are being called to serve their country once again. kim jong un star-studded concert. jillian: the jampacked benefit you will only see on fox. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first". straight to a fox news alert was a historic vote overnight putting struggling americans closer to emergency relief amid growing coronavirus concerns. >> is 96, the days r0, the bill is passed. rob: the senate unanimously passing that to trillion dollar relief bill.
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carley: reaction to the big win for americans, this is very good news. >> it took a while but they got there. the largest relief package in history. last night or early this morning. >> not a single senator voted against this to trillion dollar rescue bill to save american individuals, small businesses. >> we are probably made the bill workers first, we are particularly proud that in the bailout funds there's accountability, there is oversight, there's transparency. none of which were in the original bill. >> the centerpieces direct payments to americans, 1200 per adult, 1200 per couple, 500 per
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child, reductions above 75,000, the 900,000, no payout, plus $377 billion for small business 8, $100 billion for hospitals, $200 billion for domestic priorities and it has some money for the kennedy center for performing arts, $25 billion, now it has to the house where nancy pelosi has issued a statement saying tonight the senate vote on legislation which thanks to the leadership of congressional democrats has been turned upside down from a republican corporate focus to democratic workers first focus, she was applauding the defeat of a republican attempt to lower the expanded unemployment insurance which some suggested incentivized working but she will take it up on friday. as to exactly how they will vote on it appears she's leaning toward a voice vote but is expected to quickly pass and the president is expected to quickly sign it.
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he tweeted congratulations america. jillian: now all lies on the house, thank you. >> the us sees its deadliest days and the upper began. >> 200 people dying in 24 hours bringing the total number of fatalities to more than 1000. todd pyro joins us with a grim warning for donald trump's task force. >> reporter: 81 deaths reported last night raising the city's total number of deaths to 280 with cases he representing over 4% of worldwide infections with fox news confirming the youngest patient in the us has been identified as a 3 week old infant treat on long island now recuperating at home. more is being built on belleville hospital to deal with anticipated surge of fatalities in the coming weeks. >> we are the epicenter of this
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crisis. no one wants that distinguishing, not a single one of us but it is true. it is not a time for people to give up, to say the least because this fight has just begun. >> nationally the numbers continue to rise, 69,000 cases, 1050 deaths, 200 death yesterday. a new high for fatalities here in a single day, worldwide 472,000 cases, 21,000 deaths with the surgeon general imploring americans to keep up the fight. >> we need america to understand we could still be like italy, we could be worse than it leave we don't participate in this 15 days to stop the spread but more and more people are doing the right thing. >> it was hoped the heat in the summer months would slowdown the virus, a new warning from the white house task force that the us and other countries need to be prepared for another cycle of coronavirus next winter. >> what we are starting to see
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now in the southern hemisphere, 7 africa, southern hemisphere countries is traces that are appearing as they go into their winter season. if in fact they have a substantial outbreak it will be inevitable that we need to be prepared that we will get a cycle around that. >> the worries there's hope the disease will subside in the summer it also suggests it could thrive year-round by passing from country to country. >> more bad news, cruiseship passengers the died from the coronavirus, at least one of the two men in their early 60s was under quarantine in california. according to usa today. out of more than 1000 passengers screened on the princess cruise vessel, 103 tested positive >> the number of new york city
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firefighters nearly doubles in just one day, 46 firefighters have tested positive. at the same time the fire commissioners sounding the alarm about growing problem saying they are running low on masks to protect first responders from this highly contagious disease. the us navy hospital ship mercy is set to arrive in los angeles bringing much-needed relief to their local hospital. more than 800 medical personnel are preparing to treat non-coronavirus patients including general surgeries and the largest hospital ship in the world has 1000 beds on board, it sister ship the comfort is preparing for a similar mission to new york city next month. >> getting to other news a former fbi agent held captive in iran is believed dead, robert levinson finished a decade ago, the government and his family see information from iran indicate he died before the outbreak, estimate
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levinson's family says it is not the court the sections of the iranian regime, he would be alive and home with us today. lori laughlin and her husband want a judge to talk about charges, accusing prosecutors of extraordinary conduct, they claim the informant was bleed into lying and key evidence was withheld. laughlin and her husband are accused of paying half $1 million together dollars into usc, both have pled not guilty. the trial begins in october. >> fox corporation and iheart media teaming up for coronavirus relief, living in concert for america hosted by elton john will pay tribute to the healthcare workers on the front lines, skiers like mariah carey will live stream performances from their homes.
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♪ >> among the other performers alicia keys, billy irish and country superstar tim mcgraw. the concert is coming up sunday at 9:00 pm eastern time on all fox platforms, also i heart radio station nationwide come something to look forward to. >> makes me smile just hearing about it. the time is 9 minutes after the hour. senate leaders praising the unanimous passing of the stimulus plan. >> this is a good ending. >> a proud moment for the united states senate and we are going to win this battle. >> what will you get? what is in the bill specifically for american families and who qualifies for a check? we will have an accountant come on and go through this line by line number 9 number for us, stay tuned.
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carley: fox news alert, check is almost in the mail come millions of americans affected by the outbreak do to get cash from the federal government. rob: assuming it makes it through the house. if it qualifies, how much will you get? joining us, jean marks. we appreciate it, we will start with a broad summary. the max that people will get and a lot of people, go through this. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. you can expect to get a $1,200 check as long as you're making less than 75,$000 a year. if you are a married couple that amount doubles, you get $2,400 check as long as you're making less than 150,$000 a year. if you have children and are
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under those limits you get $500 additional for each kid. those are the broad stands and what you can expect to receive. >> people will get less if they make above a certain amount. can you break that down? >> sure. if you go over 75,$000 individually or go through over 150,$000, i won't talk about head of households, individuals are married for now, your check goes down it will go down by $50 for each $1,000 over that amount. ultimately if you are making 99,$000 or more as an individual or 198,$000 or more as a married couple he will not be getting any check at all. >> let's put that up on screen so people can visualize it, the
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phaseout beginning with 75,000, once you get the 99,000 you are not getting any money but you will get some from 7599, it dwindled down and for married couples 150-198. let's go to the next want to give a couple examples so if you're a single person in this country making less than 75,000, no kids, you'll get $1,200 and then one more on my side, significant making 90,000, you're in that zone where your phaseout a little bit you will get $450 and less as you get closer to 99,000. >> exactly right. if you're making 90,$000, 15,$000 more than the phaseout, your amount is going down by $50 in extra income, that is the calculation. it lowers the amount from $1,200. >> a married couple with two kids, $500 per kid making less
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than 1000, 150,$000, you get a lot of money, $3,400. is that many going directly into people's bank accounts, can expect a check, when will they get the first payment? >> great question. for starters the government is going to try to do as much as they can buy direct deposit because it is the quickest way to do it but if you don't have direct deposit you are going to get a check. now taxes will be taken out and it will be a nontaxable payment. the government is saying, steve mnuchin saying it should take -- just 3 weeks, most of us think it will take a little longer. you should probably expect it in the next month or so. that is quicker than it was in past government bailouts. you are looking at a month or so to get that money in your hands. >> what about people over 65?
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what did they get? >> they will get a check as well. the biggest issue you have with people over 65 and lower income people is the government will be doing this calculation based on your tax return so if you file your tax return in 2019 that is great, if not they will basic based on 2018. some people lower income don't have to file tax returns, some retirees don't have to file tax returns which makes it a little more complicated but the over 65 people if you're getting payments for social security administration the government will be using that data to calculate what you should earn and get the check to you that way. >> getting money and people's pocket so we can keep spending, thank you so much for breaking that down. a good one for people to know. >> one medical school wants to
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send students from the classrooms to the front lines of the pandemic, the new plan to let their graduates utterly. jillian: grocery stores staying open is americans stocking up, what should be on your list to make your supplies last longer, the expert shopping tips you need to know. of respiratory diseases. wash your hands. avoid close contact with people who are sick. avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. stay home when you are sick. cover your cough or sneeze. clean and disinfect frequently touched objects with household cleaning spray. for more information, visit this message brought to you by the national association of broadcasters and this station.
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>> back with a foxbusiness alert the us bracing for record-breaking unemployment report amid the coronavirus crisis, morgan stanley estimates claims could be as high as 3.4 million for the third week in march, far larger than the current record of 700,000 set in 1982. the labor department will release the report later this morning.
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>> your typical weekly trip to the grocery store is appended by social distance and supporting, the average 41 minute trip is a test for those under lockdown so millions of americans are trying to cut back in stock up and do this less often. which items should be on your list? diane hendrix joins us with her pics and a whole bunch of stuff in front of her in the kitchen. let's start with the pantry, what should people die, the dry goods in the pantry? >> bedrooms last the longest so those of the things you want on hand. i want you to look for the most nutritionally dense products, and things you can use to make a variety of meals so everybody doesn't get bored. beans, broth, chicken broth, bouillon cubes, canned goods
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like tuna, old tomatoes, peanut butter, always been a pantry staple and it is fantastic and if you need something quick that is nutritionally dense, peanut butter is a good thing to hand have on hand, dried grains and pasta and things like that to make bread if you need it, those are the key pantry staples to have on hand. >> and they last a long time. the point is we are talking about people don't want to go to the grocery store because it is where everybody is going and is a germ thing, it is not the cleanest place to go. >> absolutely. make a list because especially with what is going on you want to get in and out. i have disposable wipes that i
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use, inside out in the garbage can when i'm done, some and sanitizer. >> you are seeing plexiglas in some grocery stores to give a divide between these pork issues that have to work around all these people all day long so it is an issue. let's talk about the frigid freezer items, stuff that needs to be called, what would you suggest? >> i have a show that airs on roku and amazon and i'm finding right now it is appurtenant topic. people may not have used their freezer to full capacity and i'm happy to share tips on how to do this properly. just about everything can be frozen if you know how to do it. all of these things like fresh vegetables, everybody wants fresh vegetables. anything you buy fresh you can freeze but one of the things, this has lines in it but what i
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have is parsley, you pick up things at the store, how to clean them. may extend your produce lifelike you can't imagine. this part is over a week old and mushrooms, you can get a next or week out of mushrooms by putting it in these bags. every time you hold onto them they will get probably another week and then turn around and take is parsley, chopped it up. put it in ziploc lags dad bags and put it in your freezer. rob: let's talk about one more thing real quick, shelflife. how long this stuff in my pantry or freezer, how long is it good for. we will pull up 3 to 4 months for peanut butter, a year for greens and pasta, 6 months for
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flower, this one surprised me, a year or two for frozen meat, fish and poultry. i would have thought that would get freezer burn and be no good anymore but that is how long it lasts. >> the key is to do it properly. you can freeze things relatively indefinitely but it loses quality but you won't get sick. it is all about how you freeze it. reason properly like grilled chicken and hummus. rob: thank you for emptying your entire kitchen on the counter for us. carley: you learn something every day, 26 after the hour thousands of americans are overseas but this morning new hope to bring them home. we are live with the new effort launched by the state
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department and eyes in the sky, police using drones to enforce the law during the pandemic. the technology is vital to keeping the public safe, he joined us next. taking care of each other. it's the small parts that make a big difference. at chevy, we promise to do ours. we're offering chevy owners complimentary onstar crisis assist services and wifi data. if you need a new chevy, interest-free financing for 84 months - with deferred payments for 120 days on many of our most popular models. you may even shop online and take delivery at home. it's just our way of doing our part...
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rob: new hope for thousands of americans stuck in peru after a us plane is finally allowed to land. carley: europe, spain and italy outpace china for number of covid-19 deaths. leaders push to dispel china's disinformation campaign. >> a lot happening around the world in tel aviv. a new lockdown went into place overnight, benjamin netanyahu allowing people to leave home for groceries, you see people
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lined up to stock up on food and other supplies and they will be able to leave for medical emergency. otherwise people have to stay within 300 feet of their residences, all this is the israeli military and police are patrolling streets, enforcing new efforts across europe, we do know that in spain the country extended their state of emergency is the country surpassed the distal for china, 738 f were reported in spain, total of 3500 people losing their lives as a result of this virus, madrid is the most affected region. the deputy prime minister tested positive for the virus and in italy hospitals are still overwhelmed. infection rates are slumming, the peak may break as early as this week. italy has 70,000 confirmed cases. >> asking people to stay at
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home and shutting down, is buying time and reducing the pressure on health systems but on their own these measures will not extinguish epidemics. >> you heard from the world health organization asking everyone around the world to stay home and that the virus pass, the develops, as the us state department is working to bring americans home who are stuck abroad as a result of travel restrictions, close to 5000 americans stuck in peru. lawmakers including marco rubio pressuring the state department to take action immediately as the white house says donald trump will host a videoconference of g 20 leaders in an effort to get on the same page as countries around the world. we expect lockdowns like we are seeing in israel and across europe to extend into the weeks to come.
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>> detained illegal immigrants to be released during the coronavirus outbreak, 13 migrants in california claim they are especially vulnerable to the disease and be behind bars makes social distancing impossible which at least one state detainee tested positive in new jersey. >> a missouri man charged for licking items at walmart while mocking the outbreak. cody accused of posting a video online saying, quote, who is scared of the coronavirus. is charged with making a terrorist threat. all items were removed from shelves. in pennsylvania supermarket forced to throw away 35,$000 worth of food every woman coughed on all of that, as part of a prank. that woman was arrested. >> meantime police officers put themselves on the front lines around-the-clock with during this time of social distancing
1:34 am
authorities are turning to drones to keep their distance and keep a safe. >> her to explain how this technology is used across the globe, former military intelligence analyst and thrown expert brett velicovich. a lot of people wouldn't think of a drone at a time like this. >> absolutely right but the truth is it is a vital technology tool for public safety agencies and health officials worldwide for this crisis. the pandemic has fast-track the testing of drone technology and robots. officials are trying to seek out new ways to limit the contamination and spread of the virus and obviously one of the biggest benefits of drone technology is the standoff distance between the individual pilot and the drone itself and one of the ways we are seeing is used so effectively is in china. one of the ways the chinese government was able to enforce the lockdown so efficiently was
1:35 am
because of this drone technology surveillance network, they had police officers with handheld drones that had speakers attached to them that were able to broadcast messages to the public or monitor areas of large public gathering so we are starting to see the benefits of that when you have drones that can do things right broadcast these messages, create 3-d maps of areas with testing sites, look at problematic areas, you have thermal carries you can attach to these drones to check for elevated body temperature, even a delivery apps in china the ramped up its delivery options to add on drone technology for delivery, the biggest benefit is not only to protect the public but also to protect the first responders putting themselves on the front lines. >> they are being used in so many ways around the world, affecting hospitals and other public spaces, observing
1:36 am
crowds, like you said, identifying, thermal sensing information which is absolutely insane and making a public announcement through loudspeakers, that is around the world. power police department in the united states using drones during the pandemic? >> right now primarily being used to support first responders and police operations. there are some barriers to realizing the potential of drones in the united states because there are regulations in place unlike any other place around the world, you talk about medical professionals, the drone community has to do with the federal aviation administration. a good example of one of the barriers is for years drones have been delivering medical supplies and blood in other parts of the world hundreds of miles away from where the drone launches from. you cannot do that in the us right now because of the regulations in place so you have a lot of drone advocacy
1:37 am
groups going out and trying to advocate for the federal aviation administration to grant waivers, to allow more widespread use of this because you can't legally use it to the same extent we are seeing in countries in europe and the chinese government to protect these public places. rob: a lot of people worried about police officers, first responders getting this virus, not being able to work, 236 nypd officers, that could grow. a drone could come in and police parts of the city. couldn't it? >> that is the point, to augment a lot of these operations and it is not just about flying drones but robots on the ground, a danish company that donated drones to hospitals and what these things
1:38 am
do is emit this ultraviolet light, and they will control the drone from a safe distance and that is the benefit, to support these operations but obviously there is some downside to this surveillance state and use of this technology where you have privacy advocate saying we don't want to fully survey all of our citizens constantly but at the same time there is a balance to maintain where the technology is useful. >> the future is certainly now. we appreciate you always coming on. >> 38 minutes after the archetype mirrors of the us military asked to answer the call once again. >> live for the pentagon's plan with a surge of medical professionals to combat covid-19.
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>> we are back with the fox
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news alert, the army calls on former medical doctors to fight the coronavirus as the number of infected servicemembers tripled in five days. rob: a new order from the pentagon. >> reporter: it is becoming an all hands on deck situation, soldiers with medical background being asked to return to duty. this follows hospital ships being sent to both coasts, they are expected to be overrun with coronavirus cases. the u.s. army calls it a voluntary recall but they are putting feelers out to see which officers are willing to help with the crisis. this conveys five sailors aboard an aircraft carrier tested positive for the virus, according to the navy this double the number of cases on the ship in a day and the pentagon has seen its first positive case for the coronavirus, a marine stationed at the pentagon is in isolation at his home.
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the last day he was at the pentagon was march 13th. in an attempt to slow the virus overseas defense secretary mark esper ordered a stop to all troop movement for 60 days, it applies to all us forces along with civilian personnel and families. listen to what the general had to say about the pandemic. >> this is a pandemic, significant infectious disease outbreak and it is going to be weeks, not days, it will take intensive measures to mitigate it and it is difficult to be surprised because until we go through it we are not going to know how long it takes. >> until there are 227 servicemembers, 81 civilian employees, 67 dependences and 40 contractors who tested positive. >> it is critical to keep our
1:44 am
servicemembers safe. >> nba star posting an emotional video about a mother's fight against coronavirus. >> very difficult for me and my family. she is the head of our household, she has been in a medically induced coma. >> minnesota's carl anthony said he tried to inspire people to stay home and is calling for medical equipment and help doctors and nurses. new york university is allowing medical students to graduate three months early to join the fight against covid-19 in response to governor cuomo's urge to get more healthcare workers to the front lines and fast, 150 students typically graduate every year, 69 students have volunteered so far. >> 2020 hopefuls debating whether they should debate. former vp joe biden says he has
1:45 am
had enough of the event and he is a focusing on the coronavirus outbreak but bernie sanders says it is necessary so americans know how the different candidates confront the crisis. at the same time biden's camp is dealing with a new slip up during an online event. >> when i left the united states senate i became a professor at the university of pennsylvania. >> the former vice president never taught a class. he was given an honorary professor title at the university. the outbreak is forcing pennsylvania lawmakers to delay the state's democratic primaries, state leaders expressing their concern over the rapidly spreading virus, and the health of poll workers. the april election will take place five weeks later on june 2nd. pennsylvania will be one of several states to hold an election on that day. school closures forcing parents to become educators overnight.
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one mother going viral for opening the corona academy for her 3 sons. rob: what it is like to be at the head of the class. there's no place like home. especially when xfinity
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♪ he's seen it all, it's always what you think of, ♪ - [crowd] surprise! ♪ right there, all the time, - with over 40 fully integrated applications, you won't be able to contain your excitement either. from just a dollar a day per employee, run your entire business with zoho one. the operating system for business. rob: automakers shifting gears to create ventilators and other medical equipment needed to treat coronavirus patients. carley: grady trimble has more on how they are doing that. >> the women you see these workers wearing is what the us automakers are doing since they suspended production of cars. ford announced a partnership
1:50 am
with general motors making air. fine respirators for healthcare workers and first responders using parts of an f150 to do that and making face shields, making 75,000 of them and it will make 100,000 per week in the coming weeks. another thing hospitals desperately need is ventilators. ford has partnered with general electric, gm partnered with a company to make them but in some states like new york, governor andrew cuomo says his people can't wait weeks for these ventilators, they need them now. >> you we can demand your help or you could agree to help and we need you to step up and increase production. even with that there is a ramp up time for a company to put together the supply chain, put together the workforce and get these things up and running.
1:51 am
ford, you hear, is going to help, general motors is going to help, the problem is our timeline is so short. >> ford is actively producing that personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and first responders, fiat chrysler says it will also provide 1 million masks per month to those workers but one thing we don't know from ford or gm is when the first ventilators will be available and once they do ramp up production with the help of those companies how many will be available. outside of chicago, illinois, brady trimble, foxbusiness. >> the million-dollar question. apple is donating 10 million masks for healthcare workers fighting on the front lines of this pandemic, 100,000 of those masks will go to the state of louisiana, john bell edwards thanking them for their generosity, the state has 2000 cases, 65 people tested. james taylor is not forgetting about healthcare workers and the outbreak.
1:52 am
>> i have seen fire and i have seen rain. seen sunny days, thought they would never end. >> looking at some of his songs for sure. the grammy winner and his wife, kim, and the remaining $1 million to massachusetts general hospital to deal with a coat influx of patients, james taylor was born at that hospital and his father worked there. >> millions of parents across the country forced into homeschooling with classes closed for weeks at a time to stop the spread of covid-19, but one atlanta mom is making the best of this unprecedented situation, setting up the corona academy for higgins. that mother of 3 has gone viral and she joined me now. good morning, how are you?
1:53 am
this is affecting millions of people and a lot of parents are just trying to get by, but you went all in, turn your basement into corona academy and even have your kids wearing uniforms. why did you go the extra mile? >> i wanted them to have fun since they are stuck with me all day. i tried to make it fun, tried to surprise them. >> you are miss mama, the gym teacher, you're doing everything. you have a job outside the most important one which is being a mother? >> yes, i do have a job. i work from home. >> how is it going? what is the biggest challenge of teaching your three boys? >> having patience. that is about it, trying to get it all done, cooking and all that stuff. >> how are you balancing
1:54 am
teaching your kids and also having a full-time job of your own? >> it's not that much work going on. if i can do the little things that come in i am focusing on them right now. here and there i get some work done and then after we are done with learning i can get some work done too. >> i just saw a schedule that you have, every day you start the day with a prayer. why is that important to you? >> it is important now just because i know my kids don't normally pray like i used to when i was little. this is the perfect time to teach them. >> speaking of teaching your kids, you have an older son but your youngest is pretty little. we understand why he isn't going to school. >> the 8-year-old or the 2-year-old?
1:55 am
>> maybe the middle one. do they understand what is going on and how serious this is? >> he understands. i don't think he knows how serious it is but he understands what is going on. jillian: what was your reaction when you found out schools were closing? >> just wow. i can't believe it but i knew i had to get ready. jillian: a turned everybody's lives upside down but you and your family are thriving through this. we appreciate you sharing your story and hopefully inspiring others to do the same as you. rob: corona academy, sounds very official. new concerns, covid-19 and the threat of it will remain long after containment in the us. >> they have a substantial outbreak, it will be inevitable
1:56 am
that we should be prepared that we get a cycle around the second time. rob: the white house task force predicts there could be another wave of imported cases of this virus. players and fans eager to get back to the ballpark, an update from the major league baseball commissioner and his hope to salvage the season. (music)
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>> it is march 20 sixth and this is a fox news alert. the senate unanimously passes the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill after another day of partisan delays. rob: the workforce lands and nancy pelosi's court. >> how many deaths are acceptable? >> none. how many deaths are accessible to me? none. >> help is needed now more than ever, the united states saw its deadliest day since the outbreak, the new cycle could hit. >> thank you for saving my wife's life, a man speaking for most of the country with his message to the heroes in our hospitals. carley: "fox and friends first" continues right now.


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